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How do I launch my collection with Mint Magic?

Our team guide you along every step in detail to prepare you with the best NFT Collection launch on Binance Smart Chain

  • Contact Our Team

    Contact our team and simply send us your NFT project information.

  • NFT Design

    We will work with you to help you prepare your NFT layers.

  • Metrics Of Your Collection

    We will work with you to create your NFT collection metrics; total supply, rarity and attributes.

  • Marketplace

    We will build your white label NFT marketplace on BSC, Polygon or Ethereum.

  • Prepare For Your NFT Drop!

    You are now ready to launch your collection. We will have the smart contracts ready and together have an exciting NFT minting party on Twitter spaces.

NFT Basics

NFTs are somewhat of a mystery to many people, whether they want to invest in them or not. Even for NFT investors, the process of creating an NFT, which is called “NFT minting,” is something of a mystery.

But we’ll clear it all up below. We’ll explain what an NFT is, discuss how to create an NFT, and more.

NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that can be traded, bought, and sold. T

They usually take the form of some type of artwork, or even in-game assets for certain virtual worlds. Each NFT is its own metadata codes, which are stored on the blockchain, to ensure that they remain unique.

NFTs are sort of like digital trading cards, except each is one of a kind. Unlike other digital assets, like Bitcoin, for example, there’s only one of them, with no copies. In that sense, it preserves the rarity of the digital asset at hand.

The Team

Jon Wier

Jon Wier


Bryden McKinnie

Bryden McKinnie


Steve Krohn

Steve Krohn

Marketing Director

Benefits of Minting an NFT?

Mint Magic enables NFT projects the ability to create NFT collections:

•   Democratize ownership: Creating an NFT allows numerous parties to own a stake in the digital asset.

•   Sell unique digital assets: Not only can you trade, buy, or sell stakes in assets, it’s possible that in the future artists might even receive a cut of the sales.

•   Store and preserve value: You can store the asset’s value in a tangible way — similar to how a physical coin can be minted with a specific precious metal concentration. Plus, preserving value digitally is generally considered safe, thanks to the security of the blockchain and the built-in scarcity of NFTs.



Our Partners


Create a Unique Asset with Mint Magic

The first step in minting NFTs involves deciding what type of unique asset you want to create. There’s an entire world of digital assets out there, ranging from in-game weapons to digital trading cards.

As an example, say you want to create an NFT that is a piece of digital artwork. You will need to turn your digital art into data that lives on a blockchain which is what we specialize in. The Binance Smart Chain is a popular choice for NFTs with low gas fees and the chain that we have selected to build on to support the NFT Community. 

With the Magic Mint team, we will walk your team through the process and ensure your’e experience is seamless and low stress. 


Client Showcase - in detail

Our team guides each client focusing on their needs and expectations for a seamless process to launch their NFT collection

We worked with Ben at Blackett Music to design membership NFTS and a bespoke marketplace to allow Ben to add collaborators and own NFT contracts. https://www.blackettmusic.com/membership

Aurum required a marketplace and animated NFT gaming pass. We built a unique mint page for the sale of 250 NFTS. This is season one and there will be another 5 seasons. Over $3,000 of gaming prizes!


RYI Unity

RYI needed the help of our NFT generators to create the layers needed for their staking NFTS


Your collection next?


We give development support


Need Apparel and Branding Support?

  • NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain that is uniquely identifiable and can never be duplicated or interchanged. NFTs can be linked to photos, videos, audio files and other types of digital files.
  • NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, will be the future of blockchain technology and in turn digital assets. It is important to take note that these tokens do not represent a specific thing; they only represent a right to use that token. NFTs can be used to prove ownership over virtual assets.
  • With NFTs, artists are empowered to sell digital artworks as unique objects, without limiting the ability for that artwork to move through networks. So in effect, NFTs give us the best of both worlds: digital art can be sold to a collector, while still remaining accessible to everyone else.
  • NFTs have a strange relationship with cryptocurrencies. It’s similar to that of a parent and child. When the NFT market was small, it depended on the crypto markets for its price action, but as they have matured, they have been breaking away.

Popular Question About NFTs

Our Team of experts are here for all your questions and will enable a user friendly experience end to end. 

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